See Why Having $ex in the morning is better For Your Relationship


here is why it is perfect:

1. Starting the day with love.

While saying “I love you” to your significant other first thing is definitely wonderful, physically demonstrating that love is so much more personal, poignant and powerful.

Not only are you starting off the day connecting on an emotional and physical level, you are showering them with love and gratitude while thoroughly enjoying every part of each other. Both people are then beautifully armed with toe-curling, tingly love to send them on their way for the day.

2. Get our workouts in first thing.

sex burns about five calories per minute, not to mention isolating and working certain muscle groups. That’s four more calories per minute than sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee. And people who are more sexually active tend to work out more in general, which then in turn aids in their sexual health.

3. A plethora of health benefits.

After a restful night’s sleep, I know that I try my best to start the day by arming myself with every health advantage possible to fight off toxins, viruses, bacteria, stress, pain, etc. that we encounter and experience in every day life.

4. No harsh, unnatural stimulants to arouse you from your sleep, but stimulating, nonetheless. And it’s free!

5. Fights off stress and depression.

S.exual arousal and orgasms release “feel good” hormones that serve as chemicals in your brain’s pleasure and reward system.