Sheebah Karungi gets a fresh tattoo ahead of her birthday.


By Sean Musa Carter

Sheebah Karungi the dance hall diva/queen as she crows her self has decided to get some fresh ink into her body in apprentice to her die hard fans she calls “SHEEBAHOLICS”.

With just a few days to her birthday scheduled on 11th November, the ice cream singer visited top tattoo artist of ‘Ink tattoos and got a new tattoo just besides her ribs. She refuses to show off the tattoo because its still raw but promises to it off on her birthday in presence of the ‘Sheebaholics’.

This is not the first tattoo Sheebah has inked into her body but definitely this one seems so special to her, it must be noted that she’s the first celebrity to get a tattoo in appreciation to her fans.

Happy birthday Sheebah, we cutting that cake this Wednesday though we are not sure of her true age.