Sheila ‘Don’ Zela reveals about her next man if she is to date


By our writer

Big eye’s ex – wife, International Booking agent and promoter Sheila Patience Don Zela  has warned men who time and again try to hit on her that they should act the ‘Obama-style’ if they want to stand a chance of getting her The promoter who had of layer resorted to sharing semi nude photos of her yellow skin assured the horny men who hit her inbox several times to act like gentle men or simply stay away.

 “Dear men who are hitting my inbox, i very well know your interests but if you want to date me, you should act like my president, Mr Barrack Obama. Be a gentle man, be lovely, be smart, be caring and be respectful to women.”

Sheila’s post on Facebook raised eyebrows and mixed opinions with the majority of her social media followers dissing her,a one  Ivan said “a gentle man will also need a respectable woman and not a nud3ist”.