Shine Omukiga set for a mega Keitesi concert


By Elijah Mutabuza



Nyonyozi Shine Angella commonly known as Shine Omukiga originally from Kabale Western Uganda, comedy Queen Anne Kansime’s young sister known for her Kwata Omugongo, Keitesi and No relaxing hit songs and a nominee in various Western Uganda Awards is back at it again in a fresh and reloaded style.

This Western Dancehall Princess is set for a mega concert dubbed Keitesi album launch to be held at The Heat Bar in Mbarara Kakoba division on the 21st of November this year. She won’t be alone, with the feature of big names like Aganaga Khalifah, Lillian Mbabazi, her fellow Mukiga Alex Muhangi, Mc Luzze Anderson will brace the night with his thrilling Emceeing style among others will make the night a successful one.

In her own words she says ”please come to my concert, i need you because its you to make me where i want to be, come we make this dream a reality’‘ so who ever believes in talent, i call upon you to be part of the show as it is only talent in Uganda that we go for.

When she joined the music industry, we saw a young, courageous, energetic Mukiga girl full of comedy like her elder sister Anne and she really promised the industry that she will be there to do music and represent her home area Kabale just like Anne, she says She does not come from a desert, she comes from a place full of people and live nature that’s how far she is proud about it. She will be having other shows around Kampala that we shall inform about you when time comes.

Success our sister go show the World that talent can work out.