Singer Bobi Wine denied UK Visa again

By Staff writer
News reaching our desks has it that the ‘Dembe’ singer has been once again denied a VISA to the queen’s land. Bobi Wine was scheduled to perform today in the United Kingdom at the London Royal Regency. Rumor has it that his open insults towards the gay community, and his bank statement that shows only 7 million might have been the cause, being that he had never been there he needed a much fatter statement than that to go to UK and the likes of the Jamal and other artistes use bank statements that ain’t their’s cause of good management. “We also think there’s a much bigger reason which we have not yet known but he was denied Visa that’s the truth” a source revealed.
 Bobi Wine was meant to perform alongside singers Mampi,Jamal,Lulu Kwisa,Lily Kyeyune at the London Easter Fusion.