Singer Juliana to dine with her fans.


By Sean Musa Carter

Song stress and top female vocalist Juliana Kanyomozi who’s currently in for ‘Coke Studio’ competitions in Nigeria is more than set to dine with her super fans come 13th December at Grand Imperial hotel. In a White and Gold themed night, 100k will be the fee everyone is entitled to in order to be part of his glamorous event. Different artists and celebrities will grace the night strictly dedicated to Juliana. Its not a concert,its not a show but rather a dinner. The ‘Super fans dinner’ is an event organised once a year by Juliana super fans and its main aim is to invite over Juliana so that she is celebrated and she gets to bond and mingle with her fans. The first fans dinner took place last year 2014 and it was a success, just can’t wait for this years theme. You can purchase your ticket earlier or even book your self a table.