Singer Nince Henry lands juicy deal to perform in South Africa


By staff writer

Song writer and singer Nince Henry’s decision to trim off his dreads and acquire a new look has paid off (he trimmed off his bad luck). The ‘Agabozibozi’ singer has landed a juicy to deal to perform in Pretoria,South Africa after being booked by Sezannah Promotions. Nince Henry will be flying out tomorrow alongside Zanie Brown to South Africa for his Pretoria performance on 9th April this Saturday.

His manager Wajjid revealed “My client was booked to perform on 9th April this Saturday,Sezannah Promotionz first contacted us two months back and we failed to agree,so this time round they put forward a juicy deal and both parts agreed to the terms and conditions.Just know it’s just any normal show, so tomorrow Nince Henry will be flying out and upon his return we shall shoot ‘Agabozibozi’ Video.”