Singer Pallaso attacks The Kampala Sun Newspaper!


by Elijah Mutabuza Ssalongo


Once my friend told me that artistes wedge wars to gain more prominence, but me i will say to some extent they do it out of ill behaviors,

A singer in the box is Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso CEO of Team Good Music

The said crowds that Pallaso pulled at Collin Hotel Mukono
The said crowds that Pallaso pulled at Collin Hotel Mukono

, we all know it has been a trend to the Mayanja family to abuse and attack media and fellow artistes but this time round Pallaso attacks a newspaper, The Kampala Sun on allegations that it ill wrote about his recent Collin Hotel Mukono show on how it flopped.

The Twatoba singer went on and referred to the writer of the story as a disgrace and his birth was a flop!! meaning he doesn’t fit to be in a society of human beings!

He had this to post for his fans on his face book page

”Shame upon the writer of Kampala Sun who wrote the story saying my Mukono Colin hotel show was a flop !! You are such a disgrace to Uganda and the entire music industry in fact your birth must have been a flop !! You even took time to come to the venue early to take pictures of the chairs before people sat !! You have ruined the credibility of a very highly respected news paper … If the fans want to buy toilet paper they know exactly where to find it so please don’t you ever try to sell false stories again and i kindly beg Ugandan media to please be selective and hire very highly qualified and unbiased people to do the Job,,, some of your reporters fall victim to small pocket change .. By the way you also have customers in Mukono that attended the show who wake up and read this garbage !! To all my fans who didn’t make it to the show, here is a picture from the Mukono show.. Please comment your word of advise to the Kampala Sun reporter who claims to have seen nothing but empty seats !!

He went on and posted a photo showing masses of people in attendance to his show to prove to the Kampala Sun reporter that the show never flopped it was just packed.

As we all know some papers do not give a damn, we are waiting for  response from the Kampala Sun which we know it is not far from today. we shall keep you posted!