Singer Spice Diana dragged to Police !!


By Our reporter

News coming indicates that singer, Spice Diana was dragged to Kibuye Police Station by her producer over the weekend, after she hesitantly refused to hand over his laptop back to him. The “Onsanula” singer is said to have disappeared  with Dr. Fizol’s laptop that contained a valuable content of his projects with artistes after the producer allegedly dumped her for another gal. After several failed attempts of trying to repossess his laptop, frustrated Dr. Fizol dragged Spice Diana to police.

At the Police Station, the jilted singer stated that she had issues with the producer but declined to reveal what exactly the problem was. When asked if it was true that she had stolen the laptop, Diana dismissed the allegations, arguing that there is no way she could steal a mere laptop. Dr Fizol defended his move of arresting Spice Diana as he explained  that he was receiving a lot of pressure from the clients whose projects had been pending since they were running low of patience after continuous postponements of their studio time.

However,they reached a mutual agreement after Police advised them to settle their conflicts out side the station post.