“Stop bleaching”,Kasuku advises Bukedde’s Fifi Da Queen


By Waiswa Brian

Within just 6 days into the new year 2016,the public has seen more drama within the celebrities ranging from Leila Kayondo’s battering saga by lover SK Mbuga,MC Kats blasting rich gang to then earlier verbal attacks of Dembe’s Kasuku aimed at Bukedde TV’s Fifi Da Queen over her skin tone, telling her that to “find out how to bleach your skin at home, you should do a little more research or pay someone so it doesn’t come out looking pathetic”.

Kasuku who advised fellow presenter to stop plaiting her hair from cheap saloons also added on his attacks as he advised her to stop misleading her fans with her skin tone that doesn’t match with other parts of her body.The singer and Bukedde TV presenter attacked Kasuku back as quoted “You can get the face book likes,comments because you talking about me,you know very well am a public figure with a good following but let me set this straight.I don’t have your time neither can i even talk about you

Now is this a battle between two media houses (Vision group and Nation Media Group),or its a battle between Dembe FM and Bukedde Radio/TV where both presenters work from.