“Stop dissing my achievements”,Chameleon begs media


By Waiswa Brian

For the past 2 days,Singer Jose Chameleon has dominated Uganda’s entertainment news (not musically) with his unveiling of his Nike Air MAG shoes which are believed to be worth 20Million each pair (at Ebay) and then showing off his newly constructed mansion in unknown location. The ‘Wale Wale’ hit maker also got time off and advised the public as quoted on his Facebook page; “Don’t stay home waiting for Heavens to find you in your sitting room discussing other people achievements because Miracles came like that in Jesus’s time!!!! We are a generation where nothing like stones turns to bread.Young people should wise up and work so hard so their sweat bears fruits now”

Earlier on today,Singer Chameleon also asked the media to stop fronting negativity about him and give credit where it is deserved.”That’s the way to go!! Unlike your (media) usual ways of Dissing my Achievements“he added on.