“Stop judging my Husband”,Zuena shares a piece of advice to the public


By our writer

A bitter and annoyed Zuena Kirema took it on Facebook as she aired out her thoughts about how the public over judges his hubby and singer Bebe Cool,especially about their unfinished house and his decision to campaign for President Museveni.

Bebe Cool’s Zuena is quoted below;

My husband has suffered,when he decides to perform for the incumbent president on his rallies they will say he’s begging for money,when he decides to campaign for someone he thinks is right,he’s selfish not knowing he is a citizen too & just performing his rights forgetting that they also have rights to campaign for whoever they want.When he buys a new car,they come out to say it’s tax payers money. When he pays over 30million for someone’s medical bill,they are like he should have built a house instead of wasting money. When he poses building to concentrate on bigger plans,they say he no longer has money to complete his house as if he’s building it for them.When he speaks his mind,he’s arrogant as if you have been stopped to say yours furthermore challenge him.At this point i think we should stop pointing fingers at others cause you have no idea how one survives or hustles through the day just to put food on the table for his family,as long as he doesn’t murder someone to make his family happy,he deserves respect. PS.am not seeking for public sympathy but just a piece of advice. My fellow citizens let’s learn how to give respect where’s it’s due,a candle looses nothing by lighting another candle. As for you my love continue with the Golden heart,the few who know you will slowly appreciate..I know you don’t like being showered with praises but allow me to do this just this once. Lets raise our kids.