Tamale Mirundi reveals why he hates Comedian Kafeero ( His Imitator)


By Waiswa Brian

Innocent kafeero Tobi a.k.a Comedian Mirundi, a radio presenter who doubles as well as a comedian, imitates Presidential Advisor Tamale Mirundi through his programs on radio Simba and other comedy shows such as comedy files ,Akandolindoli to mention but a few.

However, a few months back, Tamale Mirundi angrily forced himself into the offices of Radio Simba and vowed to shoot Kafeero if at all he doesn’t stop imitating him, luck was on the Comedian’s side as he was absent that day.

Tamale Mirundi who was on a TV interview revealed why he hates to be imitated by the comedian as quoted, “Am not into drama, imitating me will lead that young man into problems, i will make sure i pull out his intestines. If your re-doing Ronald Mayinja or Geofrey Lutaaya’s song, you have to use the same words or else he has a right to sue. Comedian Mendo who imitates the President, i have never seen him with any skit showing when the President is drinking beer, the fact that he doesn’t or else we would have arrested him long time. What this young man ( Comedian Kafeero) does is not right, instead of imitating, he is defaming me by adding there his own words.”