Tech giant Google is developing a ‘kill switch’ for artificial intelligence to prevent judgement day


What If robots decide to take over the world one day? Well… Alphabet Inc (the parent company of Google) has that same thought, that’s why the company app development experts are making a ‘kill switch’, just in case, an artificial intelligence system turns evil. To put our minds at ease the tech giant has even published a paper which outlines Deep Mind’s plans to ensure that ‘The Terminator’ doesn’t become a reality.


DeepMind, a Google subsidiary tasked with creating advancements in artificial intelligent technology has already managed to make an AI system capable of beating the world’s best Go players. An endeavour that was thought to be impossible by many including the world champion of Go, Lee Sedol.

This however raised some concerns about the potential threats of new AI systems. Deepmind researchers put their thoughts and concerns on paper in collaboration with Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute.