Terrence J quits E! News, set for movie roles


By Enewsug team
On Tuesday, Terrence J born Terrence Jenkins announced he is leaving E! News. The 33-year-old explained that he’ll be giving up his seat as co-anchor on the popular program because he needs a change.

He explained on the air:
“I started hosting when I was 16 years old back in North Carolina, and I’ve been now on national television for over 10 years. Seventeen years, that’s a long time, and I think in order for someone to grow it’s important that you try new things and you create new challenges, create new dreams for yourself.”

The TV personality further revealed that he intends to focus on acting and producing, saying:
I took some time off this summer and I produced and I starred in my first feature film, and I’m really excited about it and it’s coming out at the top of the year. It’s called The Perfect Match. I knew I would have to leave to go on a promo run for that…I’ve had a lot of opportunities come in in the acting space, both behind the camera and in front of the camera. And so, with all of that said, I wanted to announce today that I’ll be leaving E! News.
Terrence’s last appearance will be today Wednesday. Talk about short notice!
The journalist first began to anchor the show back in 2012 alongside Giuliana Rancic. But when she left earlier this year, Maria Menounos became his new on-air partner.
We can’t help but wonder if TJ’s decision to leave has anything to do with his new costar. After all, she reported.