THE GREATEST RISK: Finally, Mary Luswata is Pregnant


By our writer

Whoever knows Mary Luswata will tell you one thing, her silence is only when she is out in a night club ( The music is loud, so you won’t hear her yap), because even when she is snoring she will say out a word or two. Everyone has been wondering all long why she has been quiet, finally she let the cat out of the bag about her 7 months pregnancy in style. The question now is, Who took that greatest risk on earth and made her pregnant !!!?.

The former Urban TV presenter broke the news in a loving and memorable way by penning down a letter to the unborn baby with a picture caption of her baby bump;

“Dear sweetheart,

Its been seven months of carrying you inside my womb and I have never felt anything like this in my whole life. Every single kick and all the amazing things you do in there that I can only witness on the outside have filled me with so much joy.

Every morning , I wake up waiting to feel you move. Sometimes I get anxious thinking you are moving too much or less frequent. God you keep me on the edge but am enjoying every single bit.

Sometimes I wonder about what you look like, if I will love you enough.. But one thing I know even before I hold you is that I will most probably kill for you , I hope I never have to.

My heart warms up and I get a zillion butterflies in my stomach just because by thinking about you”.

Mary Luswata Pregnant