The rise and fall of Mary Luswata


By Our writer

For the best part of 2014, Mary Luswata, was a fixture on the screens; posing as one of the foremost TV presenters in the country. Luswata enjoyed a remarkable rise to prominence, from a breakfast show host on industrial based Urban television, to presenting a celebrity gossip show, Scoop on Scoop, on the same station.  Although we already had a count of other individuals doing celebrity gossip shows on our local screens, talk of presenters like miles Rwamiti, Lwasama, Kasuku and Mc Ibrahim, name them – Luswata’s arrival was a game changer and arguably kicked the rest off the charts. Luswata’s acid tongue and poking into celebrity lives, escalated her into the spotlight and was ranked one of the best TV hosts, then. As her show continued to gain overwhelming attention, it consequently earned her more enemies than friends. Aside of her new found fame on the screens, Luswata garnered a very huge following on her social media platforms, Facebook and twitter. She regularly entertained her followers with captivating posts about celebrities. She used social media to hit out at anyone that bashed her, something which perhaps added up to her relevance in the industry.

She in the run won a couple of Awards and recognitions including the Zinna Awards, Hipipo, to name a few. With all the success and popularity attached to Luswata and her show, it is suprising that her show is slowly waning and her bosses are reportedly thinking of getting rid of her, according to speculations in some sections of the media. Whilst criticism from fans could be a defining factor for Luswata’s first paced drop from grace, there are other vital reasons that perhaps are responsible for her downfall.

Taking sides/ Growing relationship in the beginning, Luswata displayed a no-nonsense attitude, hurling jibes at anyone, regardless of their status; without fear or intimidation. She however started digging her own grave when mingling with her victims became her thing. She became friends with Bobi Wine, Kenzo, Salvado Idringi, among other people. This compromised her from bashing her new friends. Ignoring her social media Mary Luswata evidently became reluctant on updating her social media, something that perhaps made her lose relevance on social media.