THE TRUTH: “Bad Black’s child is mine BUT….”, Kim Swagga speaks out.


By Waiswa Brian

Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black’s 4-year-old daughter Davinah has always grown up like any normal child knowing her real mother and father (Kim Swagga) though the public didn’t, till of late.

Named after Kim’s sir name ‘kibirige Davinah’, Davinah who was born in 2012, is already in school as Kim Swagga takes care of everything as a responsible father.

” Yes the kid ( Davinah) is mine, all along i never wanted her to appear in Public. i wanted her to have a normal life as Davinah Kibirige not as Bad Black’s child.  When her mother came out a few days ago and revealed details to the public and some tabloid, i couldn’t stop it because i can’t deny my own blood. She has my eyes, my lips.” City stylist Kim Swagga disclosed.

Kim Swagga joins Bebe Cool though many Celebrities out there still hide their children from the public and media.

Kim Swagga
Kim Swagga seated with Davinah ( Though he doesnt appear in the picture )

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