The Ugly truth about Kleith’s nudes


By Stevoh Zinunula

Leaking people’s nude photos has now become a habit in Uganda. Should we blame the the technological advancement in the country or moral decay? No one knows.

Celebrities Desire Luzinda, Brenda Nambi, Sheebah karungi and others have had their nudes leak this year.

The latest victim is NTV’s young and promising talent Kleith Kyatuhaire.Her nudes are spreading on the social media like Ebola and AIDS combined. Kleith is seen posing naked in different poses with nothing like a cloth on her body though her G-spot wasn’t shown.

As we can recall in July 2014 ,Kleith dragged some guy to police who demanded to 3 millions from her not release her nudes. We are not sure if it is this guy who released the current photos or the ex-boyfriend as it was revealed.