Tonix’s girlfriend robs $10,000 from Sheila Gashumba’s hotel room


By Waiswa Brian

Sheila Gashumba who had took off a holiday in Dubai for her birthday was amused when she returned back in her hotel room only to find $10,000 missing from her money pursue.

Sheila is quoted via a phone conversation;
“I went with this girl (Sharne Natukunda) together with other friends to Dubai for a short holiday to celebrate my birthday, I booked for her a room near me as i was funding the whole trip.So Sharne used the opportunity when i was out of my room,she sneaked in and stole my money then later fled to Abu Dhabi which is a 2 hours travel from our hotel”.So far its of no surprise to her friends that i have called,Sharne happens to steal money from her friends something i got to know when all her friends revealed to me. But she is going to pay my money back,have already called the police at Entebbe airport and they will arrest her immediately she lands”

  Tonix has already been notified about the saga and [of course] he is saying that his girl ain’t a thief. However, Tonix didn’t even know that Sharne went to Dubai (he claims),Tonix claims that she had flown to Nairobi for a few days.“Just imagine this was her first flight funded by me,that b***ch stole our our money and she will pay“,an angry sheila added.

In the pic is Sheila with Sharne (Tonix’s girlfriend) before she ran off with $10000