TOP 20 Ugandan songs topping the charts so far this year


By Waiswa Brian

Though the 2016 BET nomination list didn’t have any single Ugandan artiste on it, with the likes of Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool having had their sounds rotate on the continent top airwaves and screens. That doesn’t mean our industry is that bad, After a further consultation from Buzz Teeniez Award winner, DJ Roja, Magic 100’s Tony Kent and Wasike Abdu who hosts KFM’s Saturday Mix show with the basis being put on the charts and count downs a song has featured not forgetting the air and power play, we came up with a list of the top 20 songs that have rocked the radio and TV waves so far this year.

N.B The list below is not in order

  1. Nkwatako – Sheeba

Sheeba has been a big revelation to this industry for the last 3 years, her song ‘Nkwatako’ is almost number one on every radio and TV countdown.

2.Njogeleza – Navio

Finally, Navio mastered a technique into getting his Ugandan fans listen to his work over and over again. Lucky for him,MTVBase also loved it hence making it the first cultural Ugandan song to be played across Africa.

  1. Musawo – Winnie Nwagi

Even after having heard a breakthrough with her hit song‘katono’, Winnie Nwagi’s body was still out shining her music till when Swangz Avenue delivered an art piece ‘Musawo’ that has now made her a music name across the country. Not forgetting her first car from the ‘Musawo’ magic.

  1. Addicted – Maro X Iryn Namubiru

For Maro, no one can doubt his abilities and for  the last 3 years he just had to name himself R’nB Kyabazinga translating to ‘King of R’nB’, absolutely per now he is such a dominant figure in this genre, teaming up Iryn Namubiru just killed it off. ‘Addicted’ has also dominated the Ugandan airwaves in 2016.

  1. Ndiwanjawulo – Sheebah

This is one song that started off Sheebah’s music year, with luck on her side, its still doing magic for her.

  1. Sala Pulesa – Mun G

The usual Mun G, always putting all his energy on one song well knowing it will be a hit in the first place to take him through out the year.

  1. Amasanyaleze negagenda. – Kamara

A few can recognize him, the song is bigger than his family back ground. You just can’t miss out on hearing this song at any club or hang out.

  1. Pam Pam remix – ketch up and Chameleone 

Just when we thought Chameleone was never going to bounce back. He teamed with Ketch up on this and it has done magic.

9.Same way – Lady Jasmine and Geosteady

Ask anyone who Jasmine is, all they can do is keep quiet. Play the song, everyone will join in and sing along. Another great song from the two young artistes.

  1. Manifesto – Leila Kayondo

With the year, having started with a bad birthday present from his on and off lover,SK Mbuga. Leila Kayondo hit the studio after and delivered her ‘Manifesto’ which is currently doing well for her.

  1. Soraye – Eddy Kenzo
  2. Teyansala – LadyTitie
  3. African gal – Bebe Cool
  4. Tuli Majje – Ziza Bafana
  5. Walk to work -Dj Roja,Slick Stuart feat.Nutty neithan
  6. Mbeela eno – Fille
  7. Still Standing – Cindy
  8. So Nice – David Lutaalo
  9. Ali Ntwala – Stecia Mayanja
  10. Sembela – Irene Ntale

Honorable mentions; Gamululu – Apass, Am Bad – Aziz Azion, kabako – Roden Y, Baala by Dax Kartel, Julia by Maro, Ki Ekiganye – Bebe Cool