Top Five artistes that failed themselves revealed


By kenny Lubz
Below is a list of the top five artists that we thought had a great future,great talent and the fans expected much from them but then disappeared into oblivion, this list is in no particular order:-
  Jamie woods
Jamie rose to fame in early 2011 , with tracks like tuzine , and then nyonyi muzinge in 2013 which was the best song he ever made, his music was so good many of us thought he was the future but come 2015 he is nowhere to been seen or heard musically
Rabadaba rabadaba rabadaba!!! Am sure everyone is wondering how he made it on the list, well Seguya Faisal aka rabadaba rose to fame in early 2006 when he was still part of the group “spontaneous” in which he partnered with Grace Nakimera, Gatimo and Paragon, he later went solo after the group was disbanded releasing super hit Bwekiri , he went on to release songs including the ability song with the good life boys, he was on top of the game with his luga-ragga style, until the Rasta Tadius stab incident happened , this has haunted him to date , he however has tried to stay relevant with songs like love portion but has failed to fulfill his full potential.
Viboyo is the greatest if not then one of the greatest upcoming artists of all time. Brother has been on the upcoming artists list for long releasing wrap ups every end of the year that passes, the best we have seen from him is music Africa, then some collaborations but he never really manages to make an impact so he makes it to the list.
 Kid fox
This one was supposed to be among the top most artists according to many, he however is the most respected among the lot, his music ranges from brothers and sisters to songs like kapere on which he features Bebe cool, he is now said to be in china having failed to make it on the local scene
Papacidy rose to fame with collaborations with Dr Jose chameleon but later disappeared, to where no one knows!! Papacidy promised to be one of the best music prospects when he was newly introduced to music lovers by the Leone island boss, later on they got a misunderstanding, till we don’t know what he is up to
Worth full mentions,
Liane, pretty glo, mickie wine,