Tugende Mu Kikadde Show to Give Revelers A Taste of the Good Old Times


There was a time when Ugandan music was fine. When the music writers wove such poetry and the videos were devoid of female video vixens in overtly revealing outfits. A time when the lyrics oozed artistry and finesse. When the production wasn’t rushed so that the final mastered version of a song that hit the market would cut across generations. Many Ugandan musical zealots miss those times. But not anymore. Sprout Africa has again organized the Tugende Mu Kikadde concert to take Ugandans back to those times. Come 04th April 2020, every car nose should head to Kampala Serena Hotel for the 04th Edition of the mega oldies concert. The event is set to feature the very cream of old school musical superstars like, Kabuye Semboga, Mariam Ndagire, Raga Dee, Sweet Kid, Phoebe Nasoolo, Fred Sebaale and Sarah Zawedde. Speaking at this presser today, you are all rest assured Tugende Mu Kikadde is set to bring together all revelers from different generations. “Tugende Mu Kikadde is to help Ugandans reminisce about those times. For the older generation, it will be memories about songs that made them escape home or school to dance to. Or songs they fell in love to like Kabuye Semboga’s famous ‘ebisanyi’. “For the younger generation, it will be for the sheer fun of seeing their parents unhinged in ways they’ll perhaps never see again. Still, for those in the current generation that are not already versed with the iconic craftsmanship of the star-studded line up, it will be a historical night where they are introduced to legendary music. Even better, is that Tugende Mu Kikadde will be a red carpet affair. A VIP experience where all revelers will enjoy the historical night with utmost hospitality. THE TRIBUTE Tugende Mu Kikadde being a legendary celebrating platform, we created a tribute session to celebrate the biggest late music icon. As of this edition, TMK is paying tribute to the late “ELLY WAMALA” (RIP), in this tribute we have selected cream de la cream of the late Icon’s music to be performed by each of our Artists at the end or beginning of their performances. ABOUT ELLY WAMALA (The father of Uganda’s music recording industry) Some of you may/not know the late Elly Wamala, below is a brief about the famous icon; Fondly known to his fans as Evergreen, Wamala’s longevity, inspiration of subsequent musicians, the number of hit songs and his role in developing the local music industry in the 1950s and 1960s is unmatched by his peers. It is for that reason that it is not misguided to refer to Wamala, who passed away in 2004, as ‘the father of Uganda’s modern recording music industry’. Sixteen years since his passing, he remains alive in our hearts, living rooms, in theatres and bars and every possible medium. We relive the life, legacy, times and timeless music of one of Uganda’s iconic artistes – evergreen even in death, Elishama Wamala. As a way to celebrate the late Elly Wamala’s life, 16 years after his demise, TMK has decided to collaborate with this year’s artist lineup to perform over 8 of his songs that were popular then as a sign of recognition and paying tribute to Elishama Wamala. This year’s edition is proudly brought to you by MTN Uganda, Stanbic Bank, Schweppes, Nile Special, 91.3 Capital Fm, KADANKE, NTV, Daily Monitor and Alfa Creations.