Ugandan singer graduates from Denmark


By Waiswa Brian

Ugandan singer Sarah Musayimuto is now a happy and smiling woman who Completed a Master in Nursing and Kitchen from Nursing school Denmark. “It has always been my dream working with this project. It has been a great progress learning and exchanging different tools fundamentals like using kitchen tools cooking skills and techniques as A Nursing working with people how to use hospitality hygiene and treatment.” she revealed.

In a long speech,Gospel singer Sarah Musayimuto was quoted “I have tried to give back to my country that has given me so much. Everything in life takes time As a CEO of Musayimuto Foundation that focus on Ugandan women during pregnancy and childbirth, I have been encouraged to study nursing to be able to reach out to people. Now am focusing on my goal to build a big hospital in Uganda and use the techniques I have learnt so far in my school journey.

We all have potential to become leaders I’m very grateful to be able to help so many people. As a young girl I guess I was about 6 years of age, I remember telling my mom, when I grow up I want to help women, she replied my child you don’t know what you’re talking about. I said imagine I grow on a machine fighting for my life a new born baby because of being born 3 month premature, I remember everything I was told, many children died and I was the only child still struggling in the machines to live as the rest we’re gone. I don’t remember where it all came from til now. God has set everything. Doing a fundamental change in the world doesn’t have to come from the blue or like people today think, people have other purposes for me it began as a young girl. And step by step and reaching there. I believe that each of us–no matter what our age or background or walk of life–each of us has something to contribute to the life of this nation.

I try to inspire others by being a positive image, someone people can look up to. I want people to look at me as someone they can strive to be like. This is important to me, not because I want attention or fame. But because I feel people can relate to things I’ve experienced and learn from them to keep on and to go on and to make it. I want people to know that I struggle just like they do and they are not alone. I am me and focus on my own life. If I can share this with people, mainly young ladies, and they feel better about themselves and are inspired to be proud of who they are then I am happy.”

Sarah just after her graduation
Sarah just after her graduation