“Ugandans don’t understand English”,Bebe Cool comes out again


By our writer

With just hours to kick off the presidential debate last year,Singer Bebe Cool came out to say that President Museveni doesn’t need a debate to win this year’s elections.

This morning,the singer has come out to reveal yet about how Ugandans don’t understand English though they know it,he posted;

“So Sad but true,as most people attacked me on my post when I said 30% of Ugandans understand English, everyone who attacked me just proved me right because for sure you always need to read and understand before u comment.
I didn’t say “KNOW”,I said understand.
There is a big difference between knowing and understanding.
Let me put it in simple English,60%of Ugandans KNOW English but only 30% UNDERSTAND IT.
Yesterday every one debated in English and as I sat down in Ishaka,one candidate said he would OVERHAUL the education system and I asked this one guy do u understand what the guy said, he answered yes,I asked him the meaning of the word OVERHAUL and he said he didn’t know. Please learn how to read and understand, Most of us go to school and we all read but some understand what they read.
English may appear simple because you can read it but it’s not,you need to understand it.
About the debate,next time take care of the DEAF because they only understand sign language. That was so undemocratic for them yet they r also many and they vote.
And please candidates,next time do enough research and use numbers to argue out facts,you can’t be a president of this country without having actual numbers and actual facts off head as I was shocked when all were asked if any one of them had had a look at any oil contract and they all said no,but the way they where throwing stones at the oil deals,you might think they saw the contracts.My advise to the organizers, next time take an opinion poll and get the horses that are close to call and let those debate because then there will be enough time for a candidate to answer to depth after eliminating the comedians since standing for presidency in Uganda is cheap hence attracting all sorts of comedians.
Lastly,thank you Mr president for not appearing because I don’t think Uganda is ready yet to have a presidential debate because it only caters for the elite and yet the issues are on the other side more so the VOTE.OFF TO KASESE.Love u all but read and UNDERSTAND.