Urban TV’s Kabs advises Leila Kayondo


By our writer

After coming out and crying to the public seeking for help,A series of Celebrities have shared Leila’s post while other have advised and shown discontentment like Ann Kansiime as she was quoted “By the time a public figure/celebrity like Leila Kayondo is beaten and battered and cannot get help from the police, we can only imagine how many other women are suffering silently because of police negligence, corruption and absolute and utter indifference.

Urban TV and Red carpent host Kabs Haloha gave a piece of advice to the battered singer as quoted below;

This is what i call stupidity and being dumb why would you keep going back to the same man who keeps torturing you ,beating you up like a cow and in. anycase if its love then have limits dear otherwise you will die in stupid love so Leila Kayondo get yourself together and vacate that man’s home then you start a new life get a new hubby coz i bet if Kayihura wont also be paid.
Happy new year my celebrity wish you quick recovery. Please Don’t be a love stricken fool but an independent woman.