Vj Junior rubishes Veejay quitting rumor


by Elijah Mutabuza Ssalongo


It emerged yesterday that V.j Junior the Incredible Ever Challenged But Never Equaled an Inspiration of Countless Imitators as he calls himself was planing to permanently quite his Veejay role and join politics for the rest of his life,

This came about after one of his closest pals revealed the would be ‘top secret’ of the V.j that he was changing his mind which left us frozen for hours pondering on how V.j Junior translated movies addicts would do as their last resort.

When contacted by our snoops, V.j Junior gave a sigh of relief to his fans by rubbishing the rumor by saying its an impossible thing for him to quit what he knows best which is his Veejay role and added. ‘‘i have even made more new movies including Contracted phase two ad Jurassic World” he added. He further added that he is still to go for the contest of Bwaise Councillor seat because he has sheer passion to work for the people of Bwaise and the whole country. This means he will still come for your vote however much he will not be quitting his V.j role.

That is now a red light to the rest of the V.js who had started to jubilate that they were going to be free from the stiff competition V.j Junior is exerting on them. Watch the space.