Why You Should Watch the classic ‘Ga-AD’ Play At National Theatre


By staff writer

I guess, we have all seen or watched some of the Pentecostal pastors preach prosperity gospel on the streets or in some churches around Kampala, now that’s ‘Ga-AD’.

Well if you haven’t or if you have never known what some people think about their preaching, then you should watch this play.

Patrick Ssenjovu acts as Apostle Jeremiah, he also takes on the role of God in the play and delivers both perfectly. Who gets a kid from a maid and brings both his wife and maid to the pulpit for Thanksgiving??? Only Apostle Jeremiah ‘The vessel of Ga-AD’ can do that.
Another delivery was when he called on his folks to give offering and lined them according to their generosity.

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Then came Rehema Nanfuka acting as Faith. She is Apostle’s secretary that survived rape from her boss. After the car crush she got the chance to be in purgatory and see what her boss was upto in Church. She perfectly brought life to the play.

Eronie Bazongere acting as Aunt Misubbaawa the Sunday school teacher and also wife to the Apostle will surely remind you of your Sunday school days, that’s if at all you attended any.

Her scenes with the kids won’t leave your ribs the same. Though as you grow to love her in the play, the scenes of her cheating husband ‘The vessel of Ga-AD’ may leave you in tears.

Oyenbot Gladys, Atuhaire Sharon, and Rugaju River Dan are other casts that will leave you astonished.

The play is scheduled for more three shows though the one on Wednesday, 3rd 2016 is for school invites only. Make it a date on Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2016 both at 7:30pm for this amazing treat. So memorable!!!!
Below are the photos.

Photo credit: Zahara Abdul.

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