“We are not splitting”, P Square come out to clear air


By our writer

Inside sources close to the brothers have explained that of the two P-Square brothers, Peter is the outgoing, kinder one while Paul is the aloof, no-nonsense type. This is ironic because judging from their social media interaction, Peter seems to be the mean one and Paul the nice one.

Also, Jude and Paul are extremely close, so much that it seems Peter is always left out and ganged up upon by the other two. This much is evident in Peter’s marriage where Paul and Jude both opposed his choice of a wife.

As such, it was not surprising that after Peter’s Twitter rant where he said he wants Jude to stop managing P-Square. His  desire is that P-Square should be just Peter and Paul but Paul has decided to side with Jude, instead; writing “if you don’t do family business, then who am I to you?”.

But P Square have came out to deny all the rumors making rounds as quoted below;“Just so you know….Psquare is not splitting. With what has been said, can we now move on and mind our business  starting with Nigeria’s economy situation & heat situation. Thank you. God bless us all”.