“We invented the Rolex, not Ugandans”, Kenyans come out

Ugandan rolex

By staff writer

A few days back, CNN came out and named famous dishes from Asia, Europe and Africa to have left their indelible mark on menus around the world.
In Uganda, a dish called “the Rolex” — a rolled chapatti containing a fried egg and vegetables was named as one of the most fast growing delicious dishes around Africa.

However, Kenyans have rubbished the claims that Ugandans invented the ‘rolex’ dish as a one ‘Ben porter’ was quoted, “I call BS on your research. I have been eating ‘rolex’ since I was a young child in Kenya in the 80’s and 90’s. Very doubtful it was invented by universities students in Uganda. It is cooked by everyone and always has been. Not specific to men cooking and it certainly is not only trending now within Uganda. It has been in Kenya for decades”