What does a Music Producer do ?


By Nsiiro Jacob

The music producer is in charge of either writing the material or if he didn’t write it, he’s in charge of organizing it and making it sound like a cohesive song. He calls all the shots on what’s played, and when it’s played, and how it’s played, and the sounds that are used, or the vocals that are recorded if they’re correct or not. The producer is in charge of everything.

A Music Producer has a wide range of responsibilities, but primarily a music producer oversees the creation of music. Music Producers can be viewed in the same role that directors serve for film. They creatively guide & direct the process of making a record. “Okay, This is a touchy subject because the term “Music Producer” has become very distorted in the last few years by the advent of the digital music creation stations, Logic, Fruity Loops, Reason,Ablteon Live, Pro Tools, Etc.

A music Producer is the guy that is in charge of making your song sound the way he thinks your song should sound to be competitive in the market that your song will be in. A guy who makes beats on his laptop with FL studio is a Beatmaker guy. “The music producer should be the guy that picks the studio and the engineer to work on your song from his experience of having worked on similar songs with the same guys. The music producer is hired because of his ideas in your genre of music. Then there are also vocal producers, those guys can take you vocals and make you sing the way they know you can and the way the song needs for you to sing.

Then they usually work with a mix guy that they trust to put the vocals together in the way the songs needs to be the best it can be. Beat makers take samples and put them together with other samples to make a “song” They are not music producers. Sorry. A large responsibility of the Music Producer is to help provide an overall vision for the album and help to find a seamless way to interrelate the music in an album.

A Music Producer is more than a one-trick pony. In most cases, producers bring other talents to a project, acting as a music arranger, composer, musician or songwriter. The Music Producer can teach you everything you need to know to become an amazing music producer. Learn how the music industry works with one on one apprenticeship (externship) with top pros.