What if ‘Douglas Lwanga’ turns his back on NTV, One Day ??!!


By Waiswa Brian

NBS TV has managed to lure every news anchor it wanted from the Serena based TV station,however this has not affected NTV Uganda in any way because they managed to recruit Flavia Tumusiime who replaced Rukh shana and she’s improving everyday. NBS TV still has a lot to do to match NTV’s quality. And rumor has it that Mukasa Kazaala Bwana is being lured too.

News rumors made rounds about Douglas Lwanga being approached by NBS TV as a way of making sure they improve the entertainment department at the Kamwokya based TV station by adding Douglas to Tuff B, Argatha Lorwash, Saidha Bafadhil and kill off NTV. Douglas has come out several times and said he is still ‘happily’ with NTV since his contract still runs on.

With that,i posed and asked my self questions…What if Douglas turned his back and crossed to NBS ?, Who can replace Douglas at NTV? Early this year in January, Douglas Lwanga was down with a cold and missed out presenting on two shows, here comes a chance for Sheila Gashumba to show the nation that she is now ready to take on a show by herself, all she did was stammer, pose around and some times had to rely on Selector Jay to compliment, thus showing she wasn’t ready to take on Live TV presenting. For Dave Dash, he has a long way to go, so here comes MC Kats who also praises Douglas for being the best TV interview presenter in Uganda, he is full of energy and his English is on point, But Douglas makes ‘Live’ TV Presenting look easy without putting in much energy. In case MC Kats took over from Douglas, can he put up the same consistence Douglas puts in everyday each week in and out ?, Cause as per now MC Kats is already struggling at NBS. I would want to consider Spark TV’s MC Esco but Kats is a better person just in case Douglas walked away.

As the married TV presenter celebrates the 5th All VIP Purple Party anniversary at the Uganda Museum where entrance will be 20k and over 100 artistes from 55 districts are expected to perform, If i was part of NTV’s management board, i would think about this so fast and extend Douglas Lwanga’s contract with a salary rise too.

Was just sharing my thought about it, perhaps you have yours too.