“What Really Happened at 2015 MTV


VMAs (video music awards) that Pissed Black People Off

For black people, the MTV Video Music Awards was a joke, and it seemed to be on them. With the racism and cultural appropriation epidemics running rampant among pop stars, rapper wannabes and the general public alike, the (usually) coveted award show became a two-hour poster child for the issues at hand – and not in a good
way. The 2015 version of MTV’s biggest production was not a great look. Straight from the desk of social media, allow us to tell you why we’re mad, shall we?

Miley Cyrus’ use of the word “mammy”

Ms. Cyrus kept the offensive party going by using the word “mammy,” which is directly associated with rendering black women unattractive and as caregivers for white children and families and used as a motif to signify “the help.”

Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” video

That one time Taylor Swift premiered a video shot in Africa – with all white people in it.

Miley Cyrus’s reaction to Nicki Minaj

While most viewers weren’t really sure if the Miley/Nicki exchange was real or staged, once it was confirmed as a genuine encounter, folks were offended by Miley’s snarky reaction. She was the one who offered her two cents on Nicki Minaj after all, calling her “not too kind” and “not very polite” in an interview that surfaced before the show.

A joke about the death of The Notorious B.I.G.

In a skit alongside Mike Will Made It and Tyga, a Ouija board was asked to reveal who was responsible for the death of The Notorious B.I.G., to which the board attempted to respond “LAPD.” Biggie’s death is not funny. Neither is the killing of people by the LAPD.

Snoop Dogg played a pig. Miley Cyrus ate a weed brownie and got so high she hallucinated that Snoop Dogg was her pet pig. Her. Pet. Pig. The fact Miley made snoop dogg a fucking pig tho? Of all things? A pig?
“You’re not my pig anymore!”

So discrimination is everywhere and flows in every direction. I don’t think racism will ever stop in this world.”