What still lacks in the Ugandan music industry?


By Nsiiro Jacob

   For along time we have been failing to penetrate Africa’s music scene cause of various and even up to now some artistes wont have their music played around cause of some factors have talked about below; 

  Lack of a structured, centralized body to regulate the production, sale and consumption of music is ruining the industry in the country. Scholars and other stakeholders argue the existence of several and uncoordinated organizations claiming to represent the interests of artistes have only added to their woes rather than make their lives better. Ugandan artists are afraid to make investments. If you are not willing to invest in yourself it’s hard for someone to invest in you. Make sacrifices and put in the money. Talking piracy in the Ugandan music industry It is estimated that about 80 per cent of music in the East African nation is pirated. However, the music sector in the country is evolving day by day thanks to technology. Technology has helped musicians beat the piracy menace by providing music at a manageable cost. It is worth noting that music has a high economic value since through it Ugandan youth have been able to get engaged in gainful employment and the art has also proved to be an avenue for celebrating the diverse Ugandan culture as well as uniting the various industry stakeholders.