Who is to blame,for the death of two revelers at the aborted Ziza Bafana show in Bugiri Town?, Security guru gives his expert opinion


Two people who were shot dead at Jojos Night Club in Bugiri,by a policeman as a crowd became violent ,following Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana’s,aborted concert last weekend. What went wrong? According to Bafana’s manager,the promoter reneged on agreed terms and failed to clear at least 50%(1.5 million shillings) two days before the show.They therefore, didn’t bother showing up at the venue and informed the promoter in advance.

Despite knowing the truth,the promoter still went ahead and collected money at the entrance assuring revelers that he would turn up. Lately, there is a growing number of fake concert promoters.The police must arrest them or else the good work done by honest and hard working promoters ,will be tarnished. Its common for hundreds of people to turn up ,for a concert expecting to see some of the biggest names in the music industry and non of the headliners shows up. These fake promoters, sometimes use pictures of top artistes on their posters to confuse the public and sponsors.They even cheat the few artistes who perform,The then disappear with the millions of shillings collected ,leaving the innocent venue owner in trouble as chairs,tables and the music equipments are vandalized and some people getting hurt or killed.

As for the police officer who shot the revelers dead,i believe he was got up in a catch 22 situation. He was either not well trained with crowd control tactics,trigger happy or the revelers approached in a very threatening way(like the kasese rioters) and he had to react. All this can be avoided in future, if Artistes,Promoters and security respect their part of the bargain and work as a team