Wi-Fi a silent killer that kills us slowly


By Nsiiro Jacob


Our wireless devices like phones and tablets use routers to connect online. The router emits WLAN signals – electromagnetic waves that can cause a lot of damage. We ignore this fact because we practically have no knowledge of it. Given time, these signals harm the body.

A study conducted by the British Health Agency has proven that routers hinder the growth of people and plants. Consequences of Wi-Fi exposure: chronic fatigue pain in the ears lack of concentration frequent strong headaches sleep issues We can’t live without technology – that’s a fact.

But we need to learn how to protect ourselves from its harmful effects. Here we have some advice on how to use the router safely or at least lower the potential damage. How to protect children from electromagnetic waves Disconnect Wi-Fi programs before bedtime Turn off Wi-Fi when it is not used Replace your home wireless phones with cable ones Avoid router in the kitchen and bedroom.