Word well said Dr Jose Chameleone


By Elijah Mutabuza


I was first caught up by what you told the World a few hours before you joined NTV television for an interview that ”Just another one. Let Everybody Be who they want to be. As much as I am a Musician by profession, That doesn’t take away my rights as a Ugandan Citizen. I am so respectful of your opinions. Do the same for me and every one. Well….” 

I will not be wrong to call you Genius Dr. Jose Chameleone! relating to the interview you had on NTV television, you stressed the whole issue and dissected it for even the haters to clearly understand what Tubonga Nawe is all about. Kudos brother.

But anyway you don’t have to some times wonder or feel small about your opinion, that’s how Ugandans be besides, we’re still conservative in a way that people can tolerate independent minds.

Basing on the interview, allow me to talk about the Moses Matovu issue, in my own view, i think someone just needs to remind him that he can’t be a darling to all governments. He should be hard on the fact that If the Late Iddi Amin helped him by facilitating his band (Crane Band) by then in the 1970’s he should stop that naive thinking that he will always remain the best of all time and he should be reminded that every situation has it’s players and God can not make mistakes in providing what he provides for a particular time.

I think it’s should be more wise if the artistes’ governing body writes a petition to the Parliament with their grievances clearly stated and the amendments they want to be done in their copyright law rather than blaming your colleagues  for not addressing the copyright law to President at the Tubonga Nawe Launch Dinner.

That’s my view because neither does the President make laws nor enforces them. Artists should act formal on that.

I remain,