“You are full of jealous” Bigeye attacks Kenzo


By our writer

After a recent sacking of Geosteady and Tip Swizzy from Big Talent,Singer Big eye promised to recruit the two musicians who had been thrown out by BET Winner Eddy Kenzo.However, earlier on today Bigeye sent a piece of advice to his music brother Eddy Kenzo as quoted below;

“A good heart is that heart that never gets jealous when someone goes out to look for his own food once in a while.just because you can’t finish all their problems and responsibilities and some times business might be less yo side.my self I call it hard work because I feel proud when my partner gets his own cash.Do you expect someone to chase business if it comes??Also look at the level difference between us and them.if yo certified these people still have to hustle so that they also get somewhere.Never convert someones opportunity to be a problem or a crime”.