“You B**ch, thanks for sleeping with my man”, dancer blasts Spice Diana joins rival camp

Spice Diana

By staff writer

A fresh ‘whopper’ war has broke out between dance hall diva Spice Diana and now her former dancer ‘Rinah over a man.

Its alleged that Rinah found her former boss ‘Spice Diana’ making out with the boyfriend at his room.

The angry and heart broken Rinah, posted on her Facebook account, “I was there from the start and I have never misbehaved,Diana you know the all truth. We took our selves like sisters while using the same ‘boda boda’ rides and sometime put on the same clothes. We used one Bedshit in fields and we shared good and bad moments together. But everything happens for a reason though aT times I wish I know the reason. So i have decided to move on to another group because of what you did. Bigup to team spice, I will miss u lots. Thanks for welcoming me Rhodah K”

A one mike who studied with Spice Diana at campus was quoted,“Diana never changes her ways, even at campus she would sleep with anyone to get what she desired”

Rinah and Spice Diana while at Campus
Rinah and Spice Diana while at Campus