“Your are useless”,Sheila attacks Big Eye over Child support


By Staff writer

A saying goes like ‘Not all men who put on trousers are real men!!!,promoter Sheila ‘Do’n Zella has blasted ex-hubby and singer Big eye as their kid reported to school.International promoter Sheila Don Zella who also doubles as an ex to musician Big eye has come up to prove that she is a proud ‘mother and father’ of there kids with ex-hubby as she solely takes care of all there needs. This was after her child Britton Diamond started school earlier today and she went on to ‘hit’ on ex Big eye saying that he puts on trousers but has women features on him since he runs away from his responsibilities.

 Sheila was quoted on Facebook “Britton Diamond 1st day at school. Am proud to be a mother and a father to all my kids. Big up to all single mothers who provide for there kids, not all men who put on trousers are real men”

This was clearly directed to ex-hubby and singer Big Eye who has failed to meet his responsibilities as a father to offer child support to his kids after falling out with lover Sheila Zella.