Ziza Bafana attacks K-FM, Capital FM…


By staff writer

Almost one year back, singer Bebe Cool attacked radio and TV Deejays who play foreign music especially from Nigeria while ignoring the works of local artistes. Finally, Ziza Bafana has joined the wagon though fro him he directly attacked the media stations.

A seemingly bitter ‘Agende’ singer posted a video while expressing his dissatisfaction as quoted below;

“Radio stations like Capital FM, K-FM and Sanyu, i have grown up listening to me because they are the best around the Country but what hurts me is that why don’t they promote our Ugandan music yet they are based here. Why is that we have to copy everything from the west from fashion, their ‘silly’ gay activities. Yes you play Neyo’s music and the rest, when they come here to perform and make money, they instead give back to their societies where they are based. Why do you give us (artistes) credit for our effort”.