Zuena attacks media/public over false information


By Waiswa Brian

A few days ago Zuena Kirema took off time to share information about her relationship with hubby and singer Bebe cool and how they met. The media houses made it an headline of 12 years existance of the couple which Zuena earlier on today says was false, he had this to say on her facebook page

“I posted something a few days ago about me and hubby celebrating 12years ever since we exchanged our vows,but media to be precise social media bloggers have taken it the wrong way saying we’ve been together for 12yrs,let me put it straight. I met my husband 13yrs ago and on the 25th/January we’ll be making 14yrs together,we got married 12yrs ago so the post was about celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary.Am not attacking anyone but just want to clear the air. Blessed weekend”

Though in her last statements she thinks of not wanting to attack anyone but clearing the air, hope she knows the meaning of clearing the air.