Zuena Kirema shares a motivational picture


By Elijah Mutabuza


Gagamel first lady mummy to Alpha as they call her Zuena Kirema today shared what we call an ‘inspirational picture showing how her hubby Bebe Cool Big Size was starring at her in her seductive tops before he rocked the stage at Sheraton hotel some way back. she moved on and captioned it ”Throwback with my boo at Sheraton Kampala before he hit the stage…”.

We looked at it as an inspirational picture because it shows that the couple was still young and struggling compared to the looks of the couple currently. It further on shows that Bebe Cool has all along been inspired by Zuena be it by looks, care and being their for him from way back. She inspired him that is why before he went to stage to perform, he could at;east have a light moment with her back stage and he performs.

For this case we say hands up for Zuena and thank you for having been there for your man, and this goes to all Ladies, borrow a leaf from such things, am pretty sure Zuena never shared the picture to impress her husband, but to teach all the ladies that could access the picture.