Zuena not sure about her real tribe


By Staff writer

Something might not be right about Zuena Kirema,if she is either distancing herself from the people of Busoga or she just doesn’t confusingly know her true origins. At first,Zuena always told people (Bebe Cool inclusive) she is a musoga from Jinja as years went on,she stopped referring to herself as a musoga and of recent she revealed to the public about her Rwandan origin as quoted,”I decided to take the kids to my home village in Rwanda over the weekend to visit their aunts,uncles,grandparents and great grandparents,they surely enjoyed the trip & didn’t want to leave”.

After public criticism about her confusion,Zuena came out this morning to defend herself as quoted below;

“So when i decided to share a few pics from my village,so many people were hurt. Banange i was raised in Jinja and am very proud to call Busoga my second home but that won’t stop me from taking my kids to my village & sharing it on my wall. So does growing up in Kampala make you a muganda?.Both my parents are of mixed races,so don’t be amused if you see me taking my kids to visit their great grandparents in Ntungamo,Tanzania or Oman”.

We are now also confused !!,What’s Zuena’s real tribe…Is a Musoga,Is she from Rwanda,Tanzania,Oman or Ntungamo. We need divine intervention on this.